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Emergency Call 911

Non Emergency (630) 554-2110

Request for Ambulance Reports

For questions regarding ambulance billing please contact Andres Medical Billing at 847-577-8811.

Patients requesting medical records should contact 877-618-0943 or email to submit a request.

Requests for medical records on behalf of a law firm, third-party retrieval company, or insurer can be made through the website


Q: What records are provided via ChartSwap?

A: Billing (Itemized Statement & HCFA/1500) and medical records (Patient Care Report) are provided for a fee, however, Balance Verifications and Balance Reductions are free.

Q: How does a Requestor send a request through ChartSwap?

1) Create an account and login
2) Search for the Provider’s name
3) Enter the patient and request details
4) Upload supporting documents
5) Click ‘Submit’

Q: How long does it take to receive records? How are due dates determined?

A: Requests submitted directly into ChartSwap by Requestors are automatically due in 15 business days. Requestors see the Due Date and have the option to “Expedited Processing” within 3 business days for an
additional fee if needed.

Q: Can we expedite a request without an extra fee?

A: Yes, as long as it’s been 3+ business days since receiving OR the situation warrants urgency (e.g. past due subpoena, records needed ASAP for trial).

Q: How much does it cost? How are ‘Custodian Fees’ determined?

A: Our fees are in accordance with Illinois statue § 735 ILCS 5/8-2001(d)(h). A copy of the fee schedule can be found at HITECH requests cost $6.50 plus delivery. “HITECH Act” must be printed on the Authorization to qualify for the reduced rate.

Q: What is ‘Instant Download’?

A: ChartSwap charges Requestors a $22 fee to access records electronically, per our user agreement. Requestors can opt-out and remove the fee by choosing ‘Mail Delivery’ for no additional fee.

Q: What are some reasons requests are rejected?

1) Incorrect Provider Name – The name of the EMS Provider needs to be on the HIPAA release
2) Incomplete HIPAA Authorization – Necessary items like signature date or guarantor info are missing
3) No Records Found – No records found with the requested EMS Provider


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