Oswego Fire Protection District

Serving the Oswego, Montgomery, Plainfield, & Yorkville Communities

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Non Emergency (630) 554-2110

About Us

The Oswego Fire Protection District has been established to provide the citizenry of the District with professional fire prevention, fire suppression, and emergency medical service. To this end, the District must constantly strive to attain, as well as maintain, the confidence and respect of the community which it serves. This can only be accomplished through the constant and earnest endeavors of all District employees to perform all duties and assignments in an efficient, honest and professional manner. It is equally important that all employees realize that, through exemplary conduct, we must continually strive to foster and enhance the realization that the Oswego Fire Protection District is an important requisite to the well being of the entire community.

The Oswego Fire Protection District is located approximately 40 miles southwest of Chicago, Illinois, covering over 60 square miles of the northeast portion of Kendall County and about 4 square miles of mostly unincorporated industrial parks in northwest Will County.

The Oswego Fire Protection District protects all of the Village of Oswego and unincorporated Boulder Hill, a large portion of the south side of the Village of Montgomery, approximately 1 ½ square miles of the Grande Park neighborhood in the Village of Plainfield and a small neighborhood in the far northeast area of the United City of Yorkville, not to mention the unincorporated county areas that lie between many of these municipal boundaries. The district’s population is estimated currently at approximately 70,000+ residents in addition to the daily visitors & workers along the retail centers of Rt. 34, Rt. 30/Douglas, and Orchard Road.

The Oswego Fire Protection District was formed by voter referendum in 1936. In 1986 the OFPD began providing Advanced Life Support Ambulances with a full-time staff of 6 Licensed Paramedics. On June 1, 2008 the district became a full-time, district-hired fire department with 51 firefighter/paramedics. As we enter 2020, the District operates with a full-time staff of 72 sworn firefighter/paramedics, 2 civilian administrative personnel, the Chief and an additional handful of part-time firefighters out of four fire stations – Station #1 at 3511 Woolley Road in central Oswego, Station #2 at 2200 Weisbrook on the north end of Oswego where it meets Montgomery, Station #3 at 2200 Galena Road in the southwest area of Montgomery, and Station #4 at 27100 127th Street in the far northeast area of Plainfield.

The District continues to experience increases in the number of calls for service year over year – seeing the 2656 calls in 2004 trend steadily upward to 5,579 through the end of 2018. In addition to calls for service, the OFPD provides additional services to the community such as Fire Prevention and Safety Programs, New Construction Plan Reviews, Fire Cause and Origin Investigation, Public Education Programs, C.P.R. Classes, Community Block Parties, School Visits and Station Tours, certified child passenger safety seat technician services, as well providing classroom and Live Fire training facilities available to neighboring fire departments and Waubonsee Community College’s fire science program.